There is so much talk about hydrating and hydrating even more, specially now in the summer, that I feel like sharing some thoughts on that very important element that we all need, namely, water. Water, as we all know, comprises of over 70% of the planet, and interesting almost the same amount of our body is also water. Leaving aside all the numerous scientific studies that have been conducted about water, we can assume very innocently that water is a very important part of our lives. I am today championing consumption of water in a conscious way. A moment or two spent in the presence of a vessel holding this precious element makes the water that I will later drink a beautiful experience. Sadhguru has elaborately talked about water and I have taken that to heart. The simple act of placing a fresh flower on the cover of the vessel every morning lifts the experience of drinking water to a different and more conscious level. Water, as I drink it, is pure and cool. As water remains in the vessel it begins to regain the memory. And if the memory is something beautiful and I later drink it then it becomes a part of me.  The yogic path is not always evasive and difficult, but most of times easy and yet deeply profound.

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