Warm Asparagus Salad

Prepare the white asparagus, by peeling them and then chopping off the wooden ends. Boil them in salted water for about 6-8 minutes, depending on your taste. Meanwhile prepare the salad dressing, using lemon juice of one lemon, 1 tsp of good honey, finely chopped herbs (I used different kinds of fresh basil and oregano), 2 tbs of either vegan cream or plain creme frâiche. Then whisk like mad and slowly add olive oil. The ratio is always two-thirds oil to one-third acid (in this case lemon juice).

Drain the asparagus and cut into chunks. Put the warm asparagus in the dressing and coat well. Chop any vegetable you fancy, I used bell peppers, fresh peas and pitted olives. Put those in the dressing as well. Now add some washed and chopped lettuce. Mix well and serve.

If you are eating a bit later, then always add the lettuce right before you eat, as it tends to get soggy sitting in the dressing.

Serves: 2 people

Time: 20-25 minutes

Category: Light lunch

Best when accompanied by chilled dry white wine.


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