Day 6 Lockdown in France

A video message sent by a cousin sends me rocking on the floor convulsed with laughter, holding my stomach till it aches. I am amazed at the joy we have and share to make everyone feel a little better, especially in times like this. What a weird last few days it has been. We are still adjusting, growing, transforming. Not unlike the seeds I planted, with all my hopes going with them into the deep dark soil, waiting. Waiting for the right time, the right light, the right feel in the air. That moment, when they will push their way through the soil to sprout tiny green leaves. Every day, impatient as I am, I check on them, more than once, to see if I can spot the slightest telltale green. And when that happens, it feels like being on top of the world! It feels like the universe has lent a hand across to you, over time and space. There is an assurance of continuity, a promise of transformation and an overwhelming love, that cannot be contained in the word, but spills out to fill everything in existence. Spring is especially a particular time to observe this shifting, if you will, from one stage into another, a journey most obvious in nature. I love this sense of movement, this progression from one state of being into the next. It is a helpful reminder that nothing is stagnant, nothing remains the way they are, and more importantly, nothing is as it seems. And what a way to live!! To be constantly changing, moving, shifting. I guess, most of us go through these changes unconsciously. What if we became aware of it and allowed our transformations to happen willfully? What if we observed and stepped right alongside our body and spirit? What if, instead of letting the days pass us by, we started noticing how we navigate through our days, our work, our lives? And what better time to start than the present? We have been given this opportunity now, right now. Even within the calamity there is a chance. Even in the deepest soil a seed is waiting to sprout. It just needs the right light, the right moment.   

I breathe.
And with me, the world breathes.
I walk through forests
of carpeted loveliness.
I climb snaky roads to mountain-tops
watching clouds sail above me.
I see the little bees
buzz over bushes of blue flowers.
My path is my own,
and if I meet you along the road
I will stop and hold your hand.
You are not alone.

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