Day 24, still lockdown, still writing

Hello dear friends, we are in day 24 of our lockdown in France. How are you feeling? Are you anxious? Fearful? Or maybe hopeful that spring has arrived. That the birds are singing, chattering away nineteen to a dozen from every bush, every tree. Are you relieved that the sun has begun to warm up the earth again. Did you see the morning break across the eastern sky, lighting up the mountains. Existence never holds itself back, it gives us the full show, every single day. It is we who sometimes fail to see it. 

I am constantly amazed and touched by all the art, writing, poems, music and even short movies shared with others these days. Especially these days. Artists all around the world are sharing their artworks. David Hockney has posted his digital art from the confinements of his home. Musicians, like the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra was the one of the first to play Beethoven’s Ode to Joy from their homes and edited to one piece. Yesterday, the students of Ravi Shankar, all maestros in their own rights, played one of his compositions. Yoga teachers are turning to live-streaming, many for free so we can practice at home. The poem of Brother Richard Hendrick Lockdown has now been made into a short film directed by 250 film makers called #choosehopestory. A spiritual leader of India, Sadhguru, is giving live inspirational sessions every day to answer questions. All around the globe people are rising, uniting, sharing in the most profound and beautiful way. In the midst of all the fear we have, there is tremendous hope and solidarity. We are showing our true selves and what we are capable of achieving. From banging pots to singing from balconies, from helping our neighbours with grocery shopping to sharing a funny video. Everywhere we look there is support and love, so no one has to be left behind. 

Existence never holds itself back, it gives everything. When the sun rises, it shines fully. The flowers that blossom, open up fully. The canopies of old trees that stand tall, gives full shade. Nothing in nature is done half-heartedly. All these wonderful people who are supporting us today with their wisdom, music, art, dance, poems, all the people who are working in hospitals and paramedics, all the factory workers, labourers, garbage collectors, truck drivers, farmers are all doing everything they can. We can do this too. 

Create. Share. All your joy and love.  

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