Week 10 forgiveness

The vastness of the sea with its ebb and flow,
the waves that forever crash on the shores,
fill me with a longing.
For I know not what.
This deep wordless isolation and unity
all at the same time.
I did not have to travel
to discover this love.
Love found me and still holds me
until there can be forgiveness.
I sit with the longing, rocking it
in my arms like a sleeping child.
Sending it skimming over the
surface of the water
like racing dolphins,
sometimes below and
other times above the water.
Chasing each other, playful and so full of life.
Water has no walls
to separate me from the other.
The heart space is wasted
with fear, hurt, grief.
Mourning, when I should celebrate.
Celebrate this longing as the sea
holds my heart in her hands.
Forgiving in the wake of homecoming.
When I find my way back
to that place of warmth and nurture.
There are numerous ways to listen
to the awakening that is destined to happen.

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