Week 15 At the river

See the water, clear as glass
flow over green threads of silky algae
holding to the rocks at the very edge.
Our dog splashes about,
sniffing, enquiring, exploring.
Further up, from underneath the huge boulder
a tree has taken roots.
Sending its long thin stems upwards,
shiny leaves dancing under the sky.
See the canopy of green above,
shimmering and vibrant.
The water gurgles and ripples
as it rushes over the stones
on its way down to the valley.
And high above the trees
small sparrows flit here and there,
causing restful commotion.
See how I sit to watch and listen,
arching my back so I find that
place of comfort and ease.
I trace and circle the pain
in my mind over and over again.
Breathing with it, finding wordless solace
to offer and hold.
This place that is so deep within
and so wounded and scarred.
Feel the wind blow slightly
caressing the forehead,
touching the arms with so much tenderness
it breaks my heart.
Let the wind and water breath along
to embrace and reassure
that place until there is quietness.
The water still gurgles and ripples.
The dog has now walked upstream
and I call her back.
High above hear the call of the blue tit,
a pleasing song sung in duet
with the woodlark.
The algae sway
under the surface of the water,
oblivious and free.

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