Entry 23 Rawness

The rawness of our times

expose the crumbling reality.

That what we know,

lie in shambles


Thousand shards.


One must let the light in.

Rumi said:

Pay attention to the bandaged

part of your heart,

for that is where

the light enters.



Develop the ability

to see the light

that enters the diamond

and breaks into

a rainbow of colours.



Generosity must

flow like a river

beneath a river.

Overflow and nurture

bruised souls

like ours.


And cultivate patience.

To wait for wonders

to happen.

And they will.

Existence guarantees it.

Life promises it.


Show me your true self

and I will love and hold.


Without buts and ifs.

And I will rejoice in the wait.

For life to reveal itself.



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