Entry 36 Time for change

Sometimes the feet need to move while the heart cannot. Today, as I sit at the desk and have the rare autumn sun on my back, I feel the need to move on. Start shedding some weight, start afresh. It takes courage. It takes resilience. Even in the face of obstacles, I feel the need to pray, a deep need to meditate. To go inward and feel what my inner being says.

Once that source is tapped, all answers become light and easy. The simplest way to get there is really by using the tools of yoga.

The times are challenging, worldwide and personally. We all face shifts, changes, some big some small.  We can see and feel the way our world as we knew it has changed. It is not surprising that more and more people feel disconnected, anxious, nervous, worried. The only way to move forward is through self-evaluation, self-evolution, self-work and self-love. As the world collapses into pieces around, we can hold on together by using our consciousness to rise and sing together. And already there is a perceptible shift in the rise of global consciousness.

Souls full of light and love shine every day, even in the brunt of all adversities. These are trying times, yes, but these are also times of great awakenings. So many of us contribute, help, donate, lend support to each other. The less a person has the more the person gives. It is a phenomenal change in the way we as humans have begun to interact and rejoice with each other. Stories of immense courage and love and support pour in from all over the world as the news of the devastation, disease, immigration and environment spread.

As the outside world gets ready to welcome winter, and the colourful leaves fall in the autumn wind covering the paths in golden light, so do we get ready for change. A change that promises to make the world a better place. A change that asks us to take stock every night and ask ourselves, what did I do today to make someone smile or to make someone feel good. A change that demands us to look within and discover the true spirits that we really are. A change that wants us to see the light we carry within. There is enough for all, enough love and light to go around. This is the time to share that inner light. This is the time to welcome that warmth in our hearts so we can give to others. This is the time to hold ourselves in the biggest embrace and let our feet take us where we need to go.

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