Entry 38 Gratitude

We are going through a huge shift globally. Be it in the workplace, at home, within ourselves. If we could put the tools that are always available to us through our reflections, our thoughts, our practices of prayer and yoga which ones would we choose?


Gratitude, for one. That is the highest vibration attitude that one can align to and we have a lot to be grateful for. The very fact that one breath follows another is a miracle in itself. We need not do anything about it and yet it flows. And with it, flows our life. For if the breath stops, we stop. There cannot be anything more wondrous than our breath. It is time to feel thankful for this marvellous gift that has been given to us. Our breath is our lifeline. In yoga we learn to honour our breath, hold it in reverence, use it to move our body and mind and deepen it to nurture our soul.

My breath. Your breath. Our breath. I am grateful for this gift.

Water. The element that makes up most of who I am, that makes up for most of our planet. I am grateful for that.  Not everyone has access to water, many have to walk miles for it. Many die for the lack of it. Many have to wait for hours for it. Many are denied it. And I live in a free place where I can freely have it. I am grateful for water in my life.

Family. The word conjures up warmth, love and affection. I am fortunate I have the most loving family anyone can have. Not everyone is so fortunate. Where many have none, I have been blessed with a unique and loving family. I am grateful for that. I send out this gratitude to the collective so everyone can truly benefit from the warmth and love that surrounds me. I am grateful that I can receive so much love from my family and friends. And now, I can give, just like the breath, that comes and goes. We give and we receive. The magic of life unfolds in such joyful transactions.

Overwhelming? Yes. Overflowing? Yes. Give and receive? Yes. I am grateful.

What are you grateful for? Write them down. Share them. Sing them out. Dance, hold hands, embrace. Rejoice in them. For each one, big or small, is precious.



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