Entry 39 Questions

I was watching interviews with Michael Beckwith recently and in one of them he said,

“Things just don’t happen, things happen just.”

What a profound statement to make and it really inspired me to take a step back and examine the current situation I find myself in. For me, this is a personal change and one that is a blessing in disguise. Often times, we don’t recognize what we receive and through my journey this year, I have truly discovered the meaning of the wisdom that the universe will never give what you want, but what you need and will always reflect who you are.  It took me the hard way round to figure this out, but now that I did, I was astonished as to how simple and true the workings of the universe is. Sooner or later, this revelation will hit everyone. It only has to happen in divine timing.

But back to Beckwith, who is a phenomenal spiritual leader, I took the step back instead of forward and looked at the situation, which I labelled as adversity. There is pain, yes. There is suffering, yes. There is injustice, yes. There is indignation, yes.  I was focusing on those and asking the wrong questions.

Why me? Why at all? Why this? Why not that? How can I change the situation so it can be the way I want?  All wrong questions to ask. Because they all come from a mindset of lack and not abundance.

Of course, there will be answers, but they will come from the ego, from that part of the self which is not in touch with the higher truth. But they are half-baked ones, ones that are not aligned to the divine. Ones that will feed our ego but never our soul.

Right questions to ask would be: what does the universe has in store for me? In what way can I be of the greatest service to the world? What is the universe’s plan for me?

Because when we recognize that beyond our human understanding, an intelligence higher than us is working on our behalf, and we can trust this power completely and fully, only then will the answers come. We are born to be abundant. It is time to embrace this and allow the universe to guide us. Take that leap of faith. And never forget to breathe, for that will guide us back to our inner self where we can lean in and listen.

Ask. Trust. Receive. Breathe.

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