Entry 42 Seed sowing

Seed sowing. Waiting. Believing. Trusting.

In the midst of winter, when nature lies asleep there is still a deep sense of wonder, of what is happening below the surface, imperceptibly and yet ever present. It is the feeling you get when you are completely silent, not just without but within. And you know that somewhere within life is stirring, growth is happening. In the darkest hours, when we face the deepest night of our souls, we become more aware of the tiniest signs, the quietest sounds, that unobtrusive feeling that somewhere deep within, something is changing. And it is, of course. The earth rotates, it tilts and shifts in space, bringing change all the time. Where there is a rise, there must be a fall, and vice versa. It is the way of the universe. I plant seeds knowing that in those tiny grains I put in the dirt, plants will emerge one day. It is the cycle that continues. My garden is a part of it. I am a part of it. So I sow, I wait, I believe and then finally, I trust and let go. I let go. And that for me, is where true freedom lies. As Mary Oliver said, “More room in your heart for love, for the trees! For the birds who own nothing—the reason they can fly.”

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