Blog 49 My territory

This space that my body inhabits

Is a dot in the play of things.

This space that my spirit lives

Is as big as creation itself.

I see the clouds move and shift,

Bringing colour and change

To seamless and endless blueness.

I listen to the waves that breath

Upon the shore, time and again.

And my spirit flies to the clouds

And rests with the sea.

This is my territory

I will protect it,

I will love it, fiercely.

Like I always do.

I walk here, alone but not lonely.

I sit here, holding sand in my palms.

Golden, liquid sun.

Cold, jewel-like rain.

Precious and unique.

My territory tells stories.

And carries bruises and aches.

Whispers of all who lived before

And the ones yet to come.

I welcome all to this sacred space.

To gather and sit by the fire

In my territory.

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