Blog 50 Colours and setting sail

I find the early morning pink light as it shines on the distant snow-capped mountains to be the best in this area. Or, perhaps, it is the evening sun that sends arrows of reds and oranges to dazzle the western sky. The colours here are so vibrant, so robust and intense, I can now see why artists settled here. They came for the colours. And the vastness of the sky. There is a certain quality of the endless that this sky has that is truly magical. Maybe it is a secret conspiracy between the sea and the sky, maybe it is the way the mountains reflect the light back, I don’t know and never will. For now, I am happy to revel in all the colours that have been gifted. And between the sunrise and sunset I watch as stories unfold across the skies.

When I was a child, I loved, just like all children, to find forms in the clouds and would churn stories of demons chasing each other or dogs in a fight or dolphins bobbing in and out of water. Under this Mediterranean sky, I find pleasure again in telling tales, spreading the wings of imagination, as I, even as an adult, follow the stories that unravel in delicious ways to amuse and entertain me. My mind wanders, touching distance shores of deeds of valour, princes with magical powers and heroes who never give up. And I fly with them, sometimes soaring high in the sky, sometimes diving to the deepest part of the darkest ocean to look for that one treasure that would save the world. 

And all the while, I look at the colours and clouds and smile. Not at the stories spun, but at the grace that surrounds us all. I embrace it, wrap it around me. When the nights are cold and dark, or even when the world seems a little challenging, it feels good to be able to draw upon the feeling I had when I had stories. And to remember my true purpose here, that of a story teller. I am the keeper and teller of stories. And will always be. 

And when I breath, I breath the grace that surrounds me. I cocoon myself in the warm blanket of that assuring love that is always there. I remember what Ramkrishna said, “The breeze of grace is always blowing, set yourself to catch that breeze.” And I do just that. I look at the sky and remember, I embrace the colours and remember.

I dream a little and remember. 

I change my course. Set my sail to catch that breeze.

And await new adventures.

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