Blog 52 Llamar o tocar a la puerta

I stand here as a human

gender: female

doing the balancing act of

masculine and feminine

In my space, the masculine has ruled too long

through all the men who told me

how to sit

how to eat

how to think

how to act

and through the women, who said nothing


want to embrace my femininity

I want to show my tribe, that being feminine

does not 

involve gender

or religion

or barbie dolls

Although, they can

We are fierce warriors

defenders of values and truths

protectors of our tribe and children

passionate lovers


acceptors of endings

self-healing and medicine folk

keepers of memories

instinctual beings

And above all,

we are

Children of Mother Earth

If I fall, the earth will rise up 

If I shake, the sun will reassure

If I stumble, the tree will catch 

And when I do,

I will always extend my arm to you

to help you rise again.

My beloved forgotten feminine.

And that has to be my truth.

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