Blog 54 May bliss

The wild and noisy early summer evening envelops me as I sit on my chair in the garden. Coco lies on the cool tiles of the terrace, a welcome respite after the sudden and intense heat of the day. Already, birds are busy in the sky and the shrubs and trees. I can hear the blackbird, with its liquid song, like honey pouring from a pot; the cherry chirping of hoards of sparrows. And far away the lone cuckoo calls into the sky above the forest. All around me nature rejoices in the grace that is all-encompassing, ever present.

It is such a blessing to be alive.

And to be here.

My heart fills with gratitude for this particular moment.

Sometime in the middle of May.

It never matters if it is a beginning or end of things. Whether life is at its beginning or at its end, whether we are at the beginning of end of paths, ways, journeys, cycles.

Right here, and right now is what matters.

The absolute present moment.

With the grace that embraces us all.

I choose today.

I choose right now.

To be alive in my truth.

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