Blog 56 A walk

I took a walk

traversing known paths

that criss-cross the river

now dry, after the long, hot summer.

My dog ran ahead,

her silly ears flopping in the wind

and I tagged behind

stepping over smooth stones

and rolling gravel.

And as I walked, 

I imagined you next to me,

or ahead

or behind.

And I could tell you

everything we never had time for.

Because life happened.

And as I rambled

I was not sure

who I was talking to;

My past, my present

or my future

And that made me sad.

I said, you are missed…

And then, silence.

I felt spent, my life force

slipping away

from wanting companionship,

from wanting you.

And each tear that rolled down


watered the parched earth

for a new spring

and new seeds to burst forth.

Or so I imagined.

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