Blog 57 I trust

I have learned that trust is not an emotion you feel, but a condition you are in. The longer we practice being in trust, the wider our capacity to include becomes. It is not about being naïve, although there is an element of innocence in trust. Trust, as I have learned, means I am willing. I allow myself to be guided and held, even when I can’t do it myself. It means taking down boundaries and walls I have built around my heart. For if I don’t allow for others to be close, I also do not allow my light to shine forth from me. We are all beings of light and why should we withhold this miracle that is waiting to unfold? There is something greater than my physical existence that has many names but one essence. I trust that this ever-expanding consciousness that beats within my heart and I am slowly but surely awakening to its joyful song. And every single day becomes a celebration. 

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