Entry 34 Rituals

October: Festive times ringing in in one part of the world that was and still is home to me. Remembering times of gathering with family and friends, street food that those days were simpler and so tasty, the strong scented garlands of white tuberose and rose petals that adorned all temples, heady incense perfume that …

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Entry 30 Sand dunes

Walk the path. And when you can’t anymore; Walk another step, and another. Growth is uncomfortable and precious. And time – a single grain of sand. Of all the light there is, the one we don’t see is the brightest of all.   Photo by: thewanderingambivert   Swakopmund, Namibia

Entry 28 Waves

White stars rise and fall in an instance, as foamy pillowy waves crash and recede. I hear the beating of the ocean’s heart – steady and constant, loud and silent. Each moment slides into the next, pouring light and wonder into my throbbing heart. Like a lover’s kiss that is slow and intense; Moving, dancing, …

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